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Hassle-free planning, regional Tour Directors & Local Guides, Handpicked hotels and inclusions, seamless transportation, VIP access, and rare Local Favourites that go beyond the guidebook. 

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Turn “never thought I would” into “glad I did” with a budget-friendly tour that includes all the essentials plus a great mix of included excursions and free time. 

Cruising Elevated.
Cruise on Suite Ships with the widest stateroom views from your window-facing bed. Relaxed luxury flows throughout the ship in every detail plus personalise with Classic, Active, and Discovery excursions.

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Now that you've selected your Avalon cruise, let the excitement and anticipation begin! Log into MyAccount to ensure you receive all of our valuable email information and news for your upcoming cruise. From a handy pre-cruise checklist, organising optional activities and excursions, to viewing your hotels and itinerary, and handy airport maps so you can breeze through arrival.

It’s easy to set up with the six-digit booking number received from your travel agent or online booking system. Just another way our planning is carefully crafted to bring you so much more than you thought possible, right from the word ‘go’. 

Travel Insurance 
The real travel magic happens when you’re worry free. We hope you don’t lose a bag or need a doctor (that’s not in our travel plan either!) but if the worst happens it’s good to have backup. Travel insurance is an easy way to take the worry out of travelling.

Visas & Passports 
A ticket isn’t the only thing you need to travel. You’ll also need a passport (with at least six months validity) and visas. Those visas have different personalities – some are simple, some are complex. You may need multi-entry visas or ones with long validity time. Your travel agent or the Globus team can advise which visas you need and how to get them.  

It’s a small amount of pain for a lot of gain. Vaccines you may need range from general Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, flu and rabies to more country specific typhoid and cholera. Your local GP can advise which jabs are best depending on your itinerary. 

Travel Documents
We know you begin your adventure well before you go anywhere – as does our commitment to anticipating all your needs and desires. We’ll ensure that all your travel documents are available to download three to four weeks prior to departure – once full payment and emergency contacts have been received, and Terms & Conditions have been accepted. 

These will include your Cruise Itinerary, and plane tickets (if applicable), as well as any additional documents required for your cruise.   

Pre-Packing List 
We want you to live it on your holiday – but that doesn’t have to extend to the contents of your suitcase. Our trick is to keep packing simple: save the ‘special’ for the adventures that await. 

On an Avalon Waterways cruise, you’ll only have to unpack once, leaving you time to indulge more. 

However, if you fly to your departure destination, remember that most airlines limit passengers to one 22kg check-in suitcase per person. 

Your airline may also have other restrictions relating to the size of luggage. A good rule of thumb is that check-in suitcases have a maximum size of 76 x 53 x 28cm, and hand luggage is 30 x 28 x 14cm per person.

Don’t forget the tags – even on hand luggage – so in case accidents happen, your belongings can always find their way home.

Mix-and-match pieces that come together in various ways will be your best travel friends. Think comfy but smart, easy-care and wrinkle free. 
Here’s the low down:

The Essentials – As long as you have the essentials – passport, visas, money cards and travel insurance – the most important things have been taken care of.

Money belt – For extra security, those essentials above are best kept inside your clothes. If you’re carrying a handbag, one with a cross body strap is harder for thieves to access.  

Top tip: carry cross body bags in front of you for extra security.

Casual for day, smart casual for night 
●        Casual, comfortable clothes for day, that don’t distract you from the incredible adventures you’re having. 
●        A dressier outfit, if you have special events planned. 
●        Enough underwear to avoid frequent laundry 
●        Warm layers for evenings.  

Top tip: bring at least one pair of socks. Even on a summer day, the weather can get chilly.

Sacred, Religious & Special sites – We encourage all our guests to be respectful of local and traditional customs.
●        For women - a multi-purpose scarf is a travellers’ best friend. In religious sites, it’s useful for covering your hair or bare shoulders. 
●        For men – you’ll likely need long pants (ones that that zip into shorts might be the perfect option). 

●        Loose fitting clothing 
●        Sunglasses 
●        Hat
●        Sunscreen
●        Insect repellent

Winter in Alpine Areas  
●        Coat
●        Beanie or hat
●        Scarf
●        Gloves
●        Thick socks
●        Boots
●        Thermals

Winter – no one likes being left out in the cold, but winter is great fun when you’re warm. Make sure you layer up with thermal underwear/socks, coat, scarf, gloves and hat. 

Hot tip: keep a woolen hat in your jacket pocket – it can make all the difference. 

Footwear – Two words: cobblestone streets. Exploring is wonderful but it can be hard on your feet. Choose footwear with plenty of cushion, and it’s probably best to avoid heels. Try to limit to two pairs – open toe and closed. Your feet will thank you later.

Toiletries – Mini, refillable, travel bottles make it easy to take your favorite toiletries on the road. 
Top tip: cabin pressure and moving luggage around can cause spills. Keep liquids where they belong by keeping your bottles in zip lock bags.

Other tips - before you go, make sure to:

●        Pack travel adaptors / converters
●        Check your phone roaming plan
●        Keep spare clothes in your carry-on in case of delays. Rolling your clothes will also keep them wrinkle-free.

When it comes to precious jewellery or other items you couldn’t bear to lose, best leave them at home, just in case.

Pre & Post Accommodation 
Every moment matters, and sometimes you want more of them. We get it. Why rush home if you don’t have to? Our team or your travel agent can help you extend your adventure for as long as you like. 

Optional Excursions
Whether you want to do it all or do a little, Avalon Waterways is here to cater to your travel dreams. If you’d like to uncover more of the world less seen at a specific destination, you can opt into an optional onshore excursion.

Our Cruise Directors and Local Guides are here to ensure you have the best possible experience. Opt in to optional excursions to see, touch and taste it all, or opt out to relax and recharge on your own. With Avalon Waterways, you get to choose your own adventure.  

Optional excursions can be booked 4 - 90 days prior to tour start date via MyAccount.

Relaxed luxury means that everything is arranged for you, including getting to your vessel from your hotel. We can organise departure transfers for you, as well as pick up from the airport, should you require it. Our mission is to make your trip as seamless as possible, just ask us how.  

Emergency Contact Details
It’s unlikely we’ll need these, but we must have them just in case. Log these online in your MyAccount. We can’t send out your travel documents until they’re in there.  

Passenger Info Forms 
We’d like to get to know you before your ship even departs. That includes being aware of any allergies and special needs. Because we're in the know about how to make your trip as safe and comfortable as possible, you’ll have more freedom to live it.